Pro-Bono Limited Services Program

Pro-Bono Limited Services Program

The Monroe County Bar Association (MCBA) created a Pro-Bono Limited Services Program to assist low-income residents of Monroe County obtain legal assistance in four specific areas.  These include cases in the Monroe County courts for child custody, debt collections for debtors, and tenants with landlord/tenant cases as well as expungements in the PA courts.  Representation is provided by members of the Monroe County Bar Association who chose to participate.  The case must be in Monroe County and the applicant must be a resident of the county as well.

APPLICATION AND APPLICATION PROCESS:  To apply, complete the application and submit it along with the outlined supporting documents.  The application and documents can be submitted by mail, email or fax. Contact information is on the application.  Should you bring your application to the MCBA office, the MCBA staff will not review it at that time.  Please note that incomplete applications will not be processed.  Applications must be signed, and verification of all household income must be provided as outlined on the application.  DOCUMENTS YOU SUBMIT WITH YOUR APPLICAITON WILL NOT BE RETURNED.  Please submit copies when appropriate.

ELIGIBITILIY: This is based on all household income and assets in relation to the number in your household as well as the availability of Pro-Bono Limited Services Attorneys.  There are a limited number of participating attorneys so be sure to get your application into us at least ten days prior to any deadline.  And, even if you qualify, the MCBA cannot guarantee that an attorney will be available.

REFFERAL and CONSULTATION PROCESS: We will contact you by phone after your application has been reviewed.  Allow five business days for the MCBA to review your request.  If you qualify for the program, we will refer you to an attorney participating in the Pro-Bono Limited Services Program.  You are responsible to make an appointment with the attorney for a one-half hour consultation.   There will be no fee for a 30-minute consultation.  Should you require a longer consultation, please discuss the fee with the attorney as a longer consultation fee will apply.

LEGAL FEES & COSTS:  At the end of your consultation if you decide to hire the attorney, they will discuss fees not covered with their representation.  These fees generally include court costs and non-attorney representation fees such as postage and document copying fees.  These fees will be your responsilbility.  The decision for you to have the attorney represent you and for the attorney to accept you as a client is between you both.  The MCBA cannot guarantee that a lawyer will take your case.

Application form here.