Chairman's Welcome

Monroe County Bar Foundation
"A Legacy of Giving"
William J. Reaser, Jr., Chairman of the Trustees

The Monroe County Bar Foundation (MCBF) is the charitable arm of the Monroe County Bar Association (MCBA). Founded in 2004 MCBF continues to support organizations with a primary focus on children.

Working closely with the MCBA, we have developed a Giving Policy.  In addition to contributions by our membership, The MCBA generously provides money to MCBF for the purpose of funding grants, donations, and sponsorships to non-profit organization as well as scholarships to graduating high school seniors in the four Monroe County public schools.  Since the MCBF's inception in 2004, together with the MCBA we have provided over $1,600,000 to our community.

The reinvestment into the community where we work and live is reflective of the missions of both organizations. MCBA's mission includes "Provide opportunties for its membership to contribute to the community through public education and charitable giving". MCBF's simply states to carry on educational and charitable activities for the general well-being of the residents of Monroe County and to aid nonprofit organizations primarily benefiting residents of the Monroe County Community".

Over $85,000 in scholarships have been awarded to students attending our Monroe County public schools.  Students have gone one to furthering their education close to home and all over the country, from East Stroudsburg Unversity to Notra Dame and beyond.

Some of the organizations we have supported include:

 * Burnley Employment and Rehabilitation * Developmental Education Services * Devereux Pocono *
* Family Promise * Garden of Giving * Habitat for Humanity * Meals on Wheels *
* Monroe County Historical Association * Pocono Alliance *  Pocono Arts Council *
* Pocono Services for Families and Children * Pocono Family YMCA *
* Quiet Valley Living Historical Association * Salvation Army * Special Oylmpics *
* Valor Clinic * Women's Resources of Monroe County *